Personalized Learning

This is a course through which you may move from start to finish, at your own pace. You will not be held back by other students or forced to go ahead until you are ready. At best, you may meet all the course requirements in less than one semester; at worst, you may not […]

via “Goodbye Teacher”: The Keller Plan of Personalized Learning (Part 1) — Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

Personalized Learning is something that I have recently become pretty passionate about. In my education courses here at Chadron State College everyone sort of takes a different approach in teaching us how our future students should be taught. One teacher is strictly curriculum based, the next is about individualized or personalized learning. Something that I love about studying English and the English Department at Chadron State College is that personalized learning seems to dominate.

So from my understanding along with my experiences involving personalized learning. I am absolutely in favor of it. Personalized learning allows your students to work at their own pace and is designed to suit their own personal needs. What is also pretty great about it is that the students can focus and work with topics that they choose and that they feel strongly about.

Something else that I really enjoy is that during personalized learning, the teacher is more of a guide than a ruler. The teachers gets a chance to observe a students progress and step in as needed. They get to help a students natural growth and development not tell them how they should be growing.

During my Junior year at Chadron State College, I had taken a teaching writing course with Dr. Miller and personalized learning was taught as well as enforced. We were able to learn about personalized learning and how to utilize it while actually experiencing it. I was pretty different to have so much freedom. It really makes you focus and work hard on your own to earn the grade you desire. I was pretty happy with the outcomes of the course and I would love to see my students succeed in this manner the same as we did.

I found some educators that also believe in the wonders of personalized learning. I gave them a follow and the information they share is both interesting and enlightening. Give it a look!

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  1. I thankful for your post giving me a name for the learning style taught in this class. I am really enjoying this class and like you am finding myself working harder than I might in other classes, or at least becoming more focused, and I am learning a lot about myself as a person. I think it’s great to have a diversity in teachers, it keeps life interesting.

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